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Population: 327

Established:  1851

Famous for: A history of Gold mining 
established during the gold rush of 1851.

Historical Milestones: The Lucknow goldfield was discovered in 1851, soon after Australia’s first payable gold was found at nearby Ophir. The entire mining area was owned by William Charles Wentworth; the gold field was known as the Wentworth Field until the name Lucknow was adopted in 1863.  Peaks in gold production occurred from 1860 through 
to 1899 and again in the late 1920s. At its peak 
in the 1880s – 1890s Wentworth goldfield was one of the richest in NSW.   

What you can expect now: Lucknow’s gold mining heritage lives on with relics of poppet heads, mine buildings and cottages, mullock heaps and bluestone dam walls visible 
in and around the village. Lucknow remains a popular stopover as visitors can enjoy historic walks, relaxing meals, local vineyards and 
some quirky shopping.  


Key events to plan for:

  • Wentworth Mine Open days – open 
first Saturday and Sunday of the month, 10am to 2pm


Must see and do:

  • Wentworth Mine Open days
  • Do the historic walk 
  • Quirky shopping and friendly locals  
Scenic and historic drives to nearby 
villages and cellar doors


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