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Eugowra Rocks Eugowra NSW



Population:  530

Established:  1866

Famous for:  Escort Rock Robbery historic site, the 
Eugowra Murals and the gateway to Nangar National 
Park.  Eugowra’s high quality granite was used in the 
construction of the new Parliament House in Canberra.

Historical Milestones: Eugowra was established 
as a stopover point on the Mandagery Creek during 
the gold rush era. The largest gold robbery in Australian history happened here back in 1862. The infamous bushranger Frank Gardiner and his gang that included Ben Hall got away with 2,719 ounces of gold and 3,700 pounds 
in cash – a multi-million dollar haul in today’s values.

What you can expect now: Today Eugowra welcomes many visitors touring the area. Enjoy the
historic charm and discover the renowned murals 
painted on buildings throughout the village.

There’s plenty of history to absorb, shopping and 
places to stay. A twilight drive in any direction will 
reward you with amazing views. Eugowra is an RV 
friendly town with a dump point located on Myall St.


Key events to plan for:

  • Eugowra Murals/Car Show weekend - April
  • Eugowra Agricultural Show - September
  • Canola Cup – October 


Must see and do:

Escort Rock, a few kms east of Eugowra. 
Take a walk around the historic robbery site
Enjoy the Murals painted on many local buildings
  • Visit Eugowra History Museum
  • Nangar National Park for great bushwalking
  • Back Yamma State Forest – A great state 
forest that is isolated, ideal for mountain 
bike trails and fire track trails bike riding, 
best bird watching paradise and picnic 
area. Google for Further information.


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