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Carcoar Courthosue Crop


Population: 218

Established: 1839

Famous for: Second oldest settlement west of the 
Blue Mountains and birthplace of famous Paralympian 
and Marathon winner Kurt Fearnley OAM

Historical Milestones: Thomas Icely was an early colonial NSW landholder and stockbreeder and a well-respected member of the Legislative Council for over 30 years. Icely was granted land in the Carcoar district which increased to 150,000 acres. He established Carcoar for law, order and services. In the 1850’s gold was discovered in the area creating a large gold rush and increase in population. In 1863 bushrangers Gilbert and O’Meally attempted the first daylight bank robbery in the colony! The Carcoar hospital was opened in 1861 and is the 2nd oldest hospital west of Blue Mountains.

What you can expect now: Step back in time to the charm of an English style historical village with preserved heritage homes and public buildings. Have a BBQ or picnic in Kurt Fearnley Park by the beautiful Belubula River.


Key events to plan for:

  • Australia Day Fair - January
  • Carcoar Open Day - April/May
  • Carcoar Show - October (last Saturday of the month)
  • Carcoar Running Cup – November


Must see and do:

  • Follow our history with a walking tour map (Available at all information centres and Carcoar businesses)
  • Visit the historic Court House
  • View St Paul’s Church, the second oldest west of the Blue Mountains
  • Visit Carcoar Dam and Windfarm
  • 5 Museums – Hospital, Military, Toy, Police 
and Justice, Stoke Stable (for information, visit information centres or Carcoar General Store)


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