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Millamolong Polo Club

Location: Boonderoo rd, Mandurama NSW 2792, Australia

James William Ashton (son of James Hay) runs Millamolong and has played and organized polo extensively throughout the world. He was integral to the organization of the 2001 World Cup Polo Tournament in Melbourne, Australia and still plays a key role within the International Federation of Polo (FIP). James Ashton has held many positions in World Polo including President of Australian Polo and currently is global treasurer of the Federation of International Polo. The current polo pony breeding programme on Millamolong is a lifelong passion for James and his family. Many of the pony blood lines descend from the original polo ponies which travelled to England in 1930. Millamolong still breeds strong, calm and durable ponies to play fast and furious polo at all levels. Over the past few years James Ashton was the first in the Southern Hemisphere to breed a sex sorted foal for polo. Recently yet another Millamolong polo pony 'Miss Glitter' won Best Polo Pony at the Cartier International in England, 2004. The Ashtons still play polo around the globe having recently played and toured in the West Indies.

Today the descendants of the eldest son James Hay Ashton still live on one of the properties, Millamolong, which was bought in 1930 on James' return to Australia. They remain one of the most famous polo playing families in Australia and currently run one of the largest polo clubs and polo pony Breeding programmes in New South Wales.


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