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Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve

Location: 1717 The Escort Way, Orange NSW 2800, Australia

Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve is an ideal place to have a picnic and wander through the reserve and explore the many wonders, including the Tunnel and the Arch Cave located 100m east of the picnic area.

You will need good walking shoes and a torch. Aboriginal groups from the Wiradjuri tribe inhabited the district for thousands of years. Sir Thomas Mitchell also visited the caves in 1836 during his third expedition into the interior. In 1898 Frank Rusconi, a monumental mason, recognised the rich quality of the marble on the reserve, which was then mined for approximately 30 years.

Examples of the marble can be found on some of the headstones in the Orange Cemetery and extensively in buildings such as Central Sydney Station.


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